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“I am saying that you trust me — really trust me — and that life in the System is more subtle than I think you know. You let me into your dreams, my dear, and your dreams influence this place as much as, if not more than, your waking mind.”

No longer bound to the physical, what lengths should one go to in a virtual world to ensure the continuity of one’s existence?

Secession. Launch. Two separations from two societies, two hundred years apart. And through it all, so many parallels run on so many levels that it can be dizzying just keeping up. The more Ioan and Codrin Bălan learn, the more it calls into question the motivations of even those they hold most dear.

Nominated for Best Novel in the Ursa Major Awards, as well as for a Leo Literary Award.

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Advance Praise

Madison Scott-Clary . . . trusts her readers to be able to understand a completely different culture and existence than our own, and makes it compelling to do so.

Payson R. Harris

[Toledot is] one of the best explanations of the old saying “I contain multitudes'' in that it explores how one person through various stimuli, experiences, and trauma can become a completely different being.

Nenekiri Bookwyrm

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